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Learn more about how water flows throughout your existing property or will flow through a proposed development plan with an impervious structure study from MJH Engineering & Surveying. Our team of experienced civil engineers will give you accurate and precise measurements that you can plan around. Give us a call today!

Impervious structure studies

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  • Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • Brick

  • Stone

  • Rooftops

  • Highly compacted soil

Common types of

impervious structures:

Known as the "universal solvent," water can eat through almost any substance given enough time. When water can't absorb into the soil, it will either pool or run downhill — this can have a very damaging effect on your property. Repair and replacement cost will soar, and the life span of your building and features are significantly shortened. In short, Imperious Surface Calculations are an essential component in the planning of building and remodeling projects. A little planning now can save you money over the long term.

Why is it important to plan around impervious structures?

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